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Hello and cheers to you! At Fringe Coffee, we're Montgomery's go-to spot, nestled right in its core. Whether you're on the hunt for a top-notch brew, craving a pastry, or need a quick sandwich before a mountain escape, look no further. You're right where you need to be & we’re happy to see you!

The Faces Behind the Beans: Ali & Melissa

Curious about who's pouring your coffee? That's us! I'm Ali, and alongside the fantastic Melissa, we bring life to Fringe Coffee. Originally from sunny Lebanon, I found myself in Canada and, serendipitously, met Melissa in Calgary. What a journey it's been since then!

Before the enticing aroma of coffee wafted through these walls, I was deep into leather crafting. Then, a new adventure beckoned when I teamed up with the crew at London Barbers (yep, our friendly neighbor). Amid all the stylish haircuts and bustling energy, we realized Montgomery was missing a special coffee haunt. After many chats and brainstorming sessions, Melissa and I decided to change that. A few months of hard work and renovations, and voilà! Fringe Coffee came to life.

When you step into our cafe, it's not just about the caffeine (though we take that very seriously!). We've sprinkled a little bit of Lebanon here, from our traditional Turkish coffee to the delectable Knafeh, a must-try Lebanese breakfast treat.

Fringe Coffee is all about community, connection, and of course, fantastic coffee. From live music to art talks and open mic nights, there's always something brewing here. And if you want a sneak peek into our world, check us out on Instagram at @FringeCoffee.

So, whether you're here for a quick drink, a bite, or just to hang out, we can't wait to welcome you. Swing by, and let's make some memories together.